Shakespeare’s Fool – Stratford on Avon 2014

Our name is formed from the initial letters of Friends Of Oberon Library.

In 2016, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we celebrate the role of The FOOL.

Throughout human history the persona of the fool and his mythological equivalent, the trickster, has played an essential role, the role of change.

The fool gets to tell the truth, the hard truths that might cause trouble if anyone else tells them.  He speaks in jest and we laugh.  The fool plays and everybody knows that play is not serious so he can accomplish the difficult, controversial issues in play.  In the middle ages there was an implicit understanding of this with the belief that joking could help shield one from misfortune and we can understand the truth of this.

The fool is the destroyer of our well-ordered world and the creator of the new through play.  It is by change that we are made new. We are all Phoenixes, capable of rising out of the ashes, if only the destroyer will bring us change.  Let the Fool lead the way!

(And this year we have our Phoenix made from used tyres to remind us!)

Our Logo: The Medieval jester’s cloth hat, called a Fool’s hat, was most distinctive consisting of three points with a jingle bell at the end of each point.